Giant Outdoor Yard Dice by Ondekt

Awesome Yard Dice

These gorgeous wooden lawn dice are perfect for outdoor fun. Sometimes just sitting around a table isn’t going to cut it and you want to be more active, that’s why Ondekt’s yard dice are a great way to get people moving. This set is a great idea for tailgating, barbecues or just hanging out outdoors at a park.

The set comes with 6 great quality dice, a few scoring cards and a fully-collapsible bucket for rolling. Which is everything you need to have a good time.

Games to Play With Yard Dice

Right out of the box, this set comes with two scoring sheets for two different games. “Yardzee” and “Yarkle”. These are larger versions of some fun dice games you can play in your lawn.


Yardzee is a version of Yahtzee where players roll their dice and try to come up with the best hand, similar to poker.


Yarkle is a version of Farkle where players aim to get the most points by rolling high scoring dice combinations, but be careful. If you’re too greedy you could lose it all.

Another game we’d suggest playing that only takes a couple dice is Pig. You can look at rules on how to play Pig here. Pig is a great game for gambling or having a few drinks to.

Ondekt Lawn Dice Review

Much like the other Ondekt products we’ve tried out recently, these lawn dice are of great quality. About 3.5 x 3.5 x 3.5 in size, the pips are burned deep and very legible even at a large distance.

Another awesome feature of this set is the bucket that it comes with. It can be fully collapsed so be about the size of a frisbee, and then expanded to perfectly fit all the dice which makes rolling them all at once a lot less of a chore.

The set also comes with a couple score sheets for Yardzee and Yarkle (larger versions of Yahtzee and Farkle). But there’s tons of other games you could play with these dice too.

Overall these dice are a great way to inject some fun into your next barbecue, tailgate, or outdoor party.