Get nostalgic with the Space Jam Drinking Game!

Space jam is the story about how Michael Jordan’s return to basketball was because of an alien abduction and totally not his failing baseball career. So if you’re looking to take a nostalgic journey down memory lane then we suggest trying out our awesome Space Jam drinking game!

This movie makes for a great drinking game because it tends to repeat a lot of the same things over-and-over such as people sucking up to Jordan and the looney tunes spouting their iconic catch phrases at any given opportunity.

What You’ll Need To Play The Game

All you need is a few friends and some drinks. Then just pop on the movie and follow these drinking rules.

Space Jam Drinking Game Rules

Take a sip of your drink whenever

  • Someone dunks the ball
  • Anyone says the word “Monstar”
  • Swackhammer (the evil Monstars manager played by Danny Devito) slams his fist on his desk or slaps one of the aliens.
  • Any of the Looney Tunes characters say their catch phrase
  • Someone says “Micheal” (Stan says it a looooot)
  • A song uses the word “Fly” or “Jam”
  • You notice a blatant product placement or mention like Gatorade or the shots of Jordan’s Jordans.
  • Bill Murray says something awesome

Chug your drink for as long as Micheal Jordan remains in hangtimeĀ 

Bonus Rule: Take a drink whenever you are reminded why you don’t see a lot of basketball players take on acting rolls.


Our Space Jam drinking game is an awesome way to re-watch this movie and see how well it’s aged in memory. If you want to check out more great movies from that era we suggest taking a look at our The Big Lebowski Drinking Game. One way or another you’re going to want to drink responsibly and make sure to never drink and drive.