Get Out Drinking Game

Get Out Drinking Game -

The Get Out Drinking game has players drinking to the 2017 horror film Get Out. This movie melds the topics of paranoia caused by casual racism and the actual super natural. It’s hard to put a line on exactly how much of this movie is social commentary and how much of it is a classic horror film. Either way this movie has a little bit for everybody and is a wild ride all the way through.

This drinking game will have players drinking to all the tropes of this movie and should be a great way to get through some of the intentionally uncomfortable scenes in this movie. This film follows an interracial couple as Chris slowly learns that maybe there’s a bit more to these racially charged interactions than he first suspected.



Get Out and drinks.



Players will drink one every time any of the tropes of this movie happen.


Get Out Drinking Game Rules:

Drink one whenever

  • Someone says something to Chris and he doesn’t know how to reply
  • Someone says “brother” or “boyfriend”.
  • A black person cuts a conversation short
  • You notice a cup of tea
  • Someone mentions another black person when talking to Chris.
  • Someone dies
  • You notice a product placement.
  • Chris gets hypnotized.
  • You spot a deer, deer statue or deer antlers.
  • Someone bleeds from their mouth or nose.
  • Jeremy tries to wrestle Chris


For this drinking game we decided not to include a drink finishing rule since there’s enough drinking with the regular tropes. There’s bound to be a number of times players miss some of these drinking rules to try and pay attention to find just how often these tropes happen. So grab a few beers and and watch chris slowly justify his racial paranoia as this story of awkward ignorance turns into a full out horror.