The Generic Cooking Show Drinking Game

The Generic Cooking Show Drinking Game -

The Generic Cooking Show Drinking Game is designed to work with any cooking show you could think of; Cooking Demonstration shows, Competitive cooking shows, travel cooking shows, competitive eating shows, whatever. As long as the show focuses on food this should work just fine.

This drinking game focuses on all the tropes that are common on pretty well every cooking/eating show out there. From Ramsey, to Rachel Ray to more down to earth traveling cooking shows this game should be a great fit.

What You’ll Need

Any given episode of a cooking show. We suggest “Kitchen Nightmares”, “The Layover” or “Chopped“. But pretty much any show will do. Then just grab a few drinks and follow these simple drinking rules.

The Generic Cooking Show Drinking Game Rules

Drink Once Whenever

  • Anyone says the word “Delicious”
  • Something is unintentionally burnt
  • Fire is shown on screen
  • A bug is eaten
  • You notice blatant product placement
  • Someone mentions how many years they’ve been in the food industry
  • The host of the show takes a sip of a drink
  • Any of the following terms are used
    • “Vegan”
    • “Gluten Free”
    • “Free Range”
    • “No Preservatives”
    • “All-Natural”

Drink 3 Times Whenever

  • Someone mentions something is the best ____ they’ve ever had
  • Food gets spit out
  • Someone is fired
  • Anyone can’t finish a meal because it’s either too large or too spicy

Bonus Rule

  • Finish your drink every time your stomach rumbles. Go make yourself something to eat already.


This Generic Cooking Show Drinking Game can be quite a bit of drinking depending on the show you choose so make sure to prepare some snacks so you can be disappointed that it looks nothing like what they’re making on TV. Either way make sure to drink responsibly and take a break if you need one. If you liked this game feel free to check out our Generic Horror Movie Drinking Game or our Generic Action Movie Drinking Game.