7 Best Games Like Minecraft for Those Who Yearn for the Mines

Minecraft is a game that completely revolutionized what a video game could be. With over 200 million copies sold, it’s no wonder players are looking for the next big mining game. There’s tons of great games like minecraft that scratch the itch for a casual gaming experience. From 2D action games like Terraria to more realistic survival games like Rust, there’s endless options out there.

Since it’s release, Minecrafts influence in the gaming industry has been massive. Whether it’s through a mining, block graphics or just a general open ended construction mechanism, you can spot some Minecraft’s influence throughout most modern video games.

7 Best Games Like Minecraft


Buy Terraria from the Humble Store
Number of Players1-8
Type of Game2D, Crafting
Available onPC, Xbox, Playstation, Switch
Price10.99$ (depending on version)

For people who love Minecraft but wish it had more of an arcade-feel, Terraria really hits the spot. Terraria takes all the mining and building onto a two-dimensional plane. With a much bigger focus on beating bosses and building unique weapons and armor.

A great thing about terraria is the amount of developer support. With fairly constant updates to an already vast world, there’s always more to do. Plus the bosses get harder and harder, so there’s always a good reason to spend time building bigger and better equipment.


Satisfactory enters a “new phase of production” toward 1.0 | PCGamesN
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Number of Players1-4
Type of GameFactory Building, Crafting
Available onPC

Satisfactory is a brilliant game that combines exploring, mining, and factory management. As the game starts you’re tossed into an unknown world with nothing more than a set of blueprints. From there it’s a wild adventure of figuring how to make what you need and eventually automate the whole process.

This game starts nice and slow so you don’t feel immediately overwhelmed with the amonut of options you have. Before you know it you’ll be building automated factories, refining rare minerals and mass producing the objects you need to advance in the game. By the end you’ll have a complex network of trucks, drones, rail ways and more.

No Man’s Sky

505 Games » No Man's Sky
Number of PlayersMMO with 2-4 Player Parties
Type of GameSpace Exploration
Available onPC, Xbox, Playstation, Switch
Price30$ Depending on Version

No Man’s Sky may be largely known for it’s rocky start in the gaming world. However, after a series of major game-defining updates NMS has become an incredibly deep space exploration game. You’ll get all the mining that minecraft players love, combined with exploring the seeming endlessness of deep space. The clever use of procedural generation makes for tons of different types of planets and creatures that inhabit them.

The sheer size of No Man’s Sky is nothing short of incredible. With nearly 18 Quintillion planets, you could explore for the rest of your life and never see the same place twice. Which also means you only run into other players when you choose to do so by warping into their region (or getting incredibly lucky).


Create - Roblox
Number of PlayersVaries Between Games
Type of GameGame Creation
Available onPC, Xbox
PriceFree to Download

If you have any kids under the age of 16 than you’ve probably already heard of Roblox. Fans of minecraft will instantly recognize the blocky art style. However, the similarities don’t go too much further than that.

Roblox is a million games within one game. It’s an online place where people go to play each-other’s games or even create their own. It’s a creative atmosphere that creates it’s own ecosystem around the currency “Robux”, where players craft, create, and socialize.

Deep Rock Galactic

Deep Rock Galactic
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Number of Players1-4
Type of GameSci-Fi, Co-Op Shooter
Available onPC, Playstation, Xbox

Deep Rock Galactic takes mining to the next level as you dig, blast and fight your way through procedurally generated cave networks. In Deep Rock Galactic the goals are set in front of you, but how you accomplish them is completely up to you. With endless ways to complete your missions, the only limitation is your imagination.

Unlike most games on this list, DRG is an co-operative shooter game with a strong emphasis on combat. Taking your small troupe of spelunking dwarves into the throws of an alien invasion is a deeply rewarding co-operative experience.


Steam Community :: Trove
Number of PlayersMMO with Parties
Type of GameMMO
Available onPC, Xbox, Playstation
PriceFree with IAP

Fans of Minecrafts blocky graphics will be delighted to see it return in Trove. However the game itself varies quite a bit from Minecraft. Trove is a massively multiplayer game where players choose their classes, upgrade their gear and get ready to fight epic battles.

The Infinite Realms has a fully destructible environment for players to play around in and build their home bases. Once you’re feeling strong enough it’s time to brave one of the many dungeons in search of rare loot. This game combines traditional MMO gameplay with open world base building.


Rust review | PC Gamer
Number of Players8 Player Teams
Type of GameSurvival
Available onPC (Coming to Consoles)

This is probably the most realistic game on this list. Rust takes the traditional survival game up to level 11 by making the game mechanisms as realistic as possible.

These are only a few of the vast amount of games like minecraft that exist on the market today, so if you didn’t find what you’re looking for don’t fret. Wether you’re looking for a crafting simulator, a sandbox game, or just something with fun blocky graphics there’s something for everyone.