Game Over, Man Drinking Game

Game Over, Man is sort of a comedic version of Die Hard starring the main cast of Workaholics. It’s a hilarious action comedy crossover. So we decided to come up with the Game Over, Man drinking game.

This movie drinking game will have players drinking for all the recurring jokes in this movie like Joel’s gay tendencies or a hostage being killed.

What You’ll Need

A copy of the movie “Game Over, Man” and drinks


Players grab their drinks and get ready to drink for any of the following drinking rules that come up during the film.

Game Over, Man Drinking Game Rules

  • Take a sip whenever anyone says “Skintendo”
  • Take a sip for every bullet fired
  • Drink whenever you see a dick on screen. Either real or drawn. Yes this includes if it’s severed as well.
  • Take a sip whenever salvia is mentioned
  • Take a big chug whenever someone dies
  • Take a sip whenever Darren smokes or vapes something
  • Take a sip whenever Joel alludes to being gay

Finish your drink whenever a dog dies


This Game Over, Man drinking game should be a decent amount of drinking. As always make sure to pace yourself and drink responsibly.