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Game of Life Drinking Game

The Game Of Life Drinking Game -
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The Life drinking game adds simple drinking rules to the John Conway’s Game Of Life. We tried to take all the inconveniences and crazy life events and turn them into some fun drinking rules. This game is pretty simple and adding drinking rules makes it a little more interactive.

For anyone who’s not aware The Game Of Life is a board game that’s meant to mimic the normal progression of someones life with the ultimate goal of a comfortable retirement. Players spin the spinner and run around the board trying to collect money, cars and children before they finally reach the end.



The Game Of Life and drinks


Players play the game completely as normal but when players accumulate things that would cost them money in real life they must drink at the starting of their future turns. Even some in physical things cause drinks like pulling that stupid spinner off of it’s base. At the end of the game players will have to chug a drink if they don’t make it into the millionaire estates.

Game Of Life Drinking Game Rules:

  • Anytime a player accidentally pulls the stupid spinner off of it’s base so that it doesn’t spin correctly, they must drink once and re spin.
  • If a player chooses to go to college they must drink once at the start of their turns for the rest of the game. Student loans are devastating.
  • At the start of every turn each player must drink once for each loan they currently have and each kid they currently have. That stuff’s not cheap.
  • Drink once if you spin the spinner and land on a number somebody else already bought the stocks for.
  • At the end of the game if you finish with a value of below one million dollars you must finish your drink.


Our Game of Life Drinking Game is a pretty good amount of drinking especially if you end up with a ton of children and debt early on. The idea is that players must drink for everything that would be costing them money in real life. So let’s grab a few beers and drink away our poor life decisions!