Fuck You Drinking Game

Pyramid Set Up-

The Fuck You Drinking Game is a somewhat simpler and much more spiteful version of Pyramid. What happens is cards are laid out in a pyramid shape and the rest are dealt to players, then as cards are flipped if anyone has that card they say “Fuck You ____” and whoever they named has to drink. Pretty easy stuff.

What You’ll Need

A deck of cards and some drinks

Setting It Up

A dealer is chosen to shuffle the deck and then place 8 rows in a pyramid shape, where the bottom row has 8 cards and the top row only has 1.

Once the pyrimid is set up in the center of the table then the rest of the cards are dealt out to each player as evenly as possible.

Fuck You Drinking Game Rules

For this game each row is worth one more drink than the previous. So the bottom row with 8 cards is worth 1 drink each and the top row containing only a single card is worth 8 drinks.

The dealer starts by flipping over a card from the bottom row. If anyone has that card in their hand they can play it on another player while saying “Fuck You” and then the players name. That player must drink once.

This continues as cards are flipped through the rows. Each row being worth 1 more drink to give out than the last. Once the final card is flipped that’s worth 8 drinks then the game is done.


The Fuck You drinking game is all about spite so make sure to make some enemies and try to screw over one person in particular. Please drink responsibly.