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F**k the game – Finally That Foul Mouth Pays Off

The idea of F**k the game is a card game that plays on the Stroop Effect to get people to mess up and say the wrong words. The idea is each card has a different background color, text, and text color, and depending on that text is what you’ll have to say. Once you mess up you’ll be paying for it by picking up all the cards making it that much harder to get rid of them all. This game pairs well with a few drinks because as the night marches on you’ll find it harder and harder to perform simple tasks which will make this game all the more hilarious.

How To Play F**k The Game

The object of the game is to get rid of all your cards. You do this by correctly saying what needs to be said to avoid picking up all the cards that were played that round. To kick the game off divide the deck as evenly as possible face down to each player.

Everyone takes turns clockwise flipping a card and saying a word. There’s 4 things you need to remember when picking what to say.

  1. If the color of the text is black you need to say what the background color of the card is.
  2. If the color of the text is colored you need to say that color.
  3. If the text is a swear word you just need to say that swear.
  4. If the word is “FUCK” you don’t say it. You instead just follow rules 1 & 2.

Confused yet? Well you should be. Now people take turns flipping and saying the words they’re supposed to say. If anyone messes up every other player can race to slap the deck. Whoever slaps first gets to give out 2 cards to whichever player they choose, the loser picks up the rest. Once someone runs out of cards they win the game!

This game comes with a ton of expansions for different languages to mix things up even more. Plus there’s a DIY expansion if you want to come up with some of your own rules.

F**k The Game Drinking Game Rules

As has become standard practice; we came up with some great drinking rules to go along with this game.

  • If you ever screw up a word drink for every 5 cards picked up.
  • When someone successfully slaps, each player that they give a card to has to drink.
  • Whenever someone wins and runs out of cards the remaining players need to take a sip for every 5 cards remaining in their deck.

Pretty simple stuff. If you happened to have the DIY expansion you could even come up with your own drinking rules. We added in a bunch of cards that said stuff like “Whoever drew this drinks” or “Next player to mess up pounds back their whole drink”.

Our Quick Review

Overall F**k the game is a blast. It gives a great reason to yell out curse words in a socially acceptable way. With plenty of great expansions available and a bunch of extra optional rules in the booklet that comes with it the game has a great amount of replay value too.