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Freedom Of Speech Review

Freedom of Speech Game Review by The Chuggernauts

Unlike the first amendment the Freedom of Speech card game is all about being restricted not to say certain words while you act out some of the dirtiest situations possible. It’s a race against the buzzer to get your team mates to guess as many of your filthy actions as possible to earn those sweet sweet points.

Below you’ll find our brief overview of the game, personal review and even some fun drinking rules we made for anyone who wants to get a little tipsy while playing.

How To Play

It’s about as simple as it sounds. People break off into teams and then whoever wants to act first grabs the buzzer.

Once ready the actor hits the buzzer, starting the clock, and then grabs a card. Make sure nobody else can see the card but the one reading it.

The card will have a dirty word on it like “nipple ring” or “buttstuff” that the actor will have to get their teammates to guess. They can speak all they want but they CANNOT say any of the words on the card.

Whenever a card is guessed that team earns a point and the actor can draw another card and keep going right up until the buzzer stops and the round is over.

Freedom Of Speech Review

With a buttload of cards and a stress inducing buzzer this game is great for some laughs at a party. Watching your friends try and act out complicated or ridiculous cards like “Mexican chefs at Italian restaurants” is always a good time.

The Freedom of Speech card game is definitely a good way to grease the wheels and get people talking. Great for pre-party drinks or just getting to know the company.

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The Chuggernauts’ Drinking Rules!

  • Whenever a correct guess is made whoever made the guess gets to point at someone else at the table to make them drink. This doesn’t have to be the other team you can be a total d-bag and unleash some friendly fire.
  • If ever an entire round goes by without a single correct guess the whole guessing team including the actor need to chug the remainder of their drinks for being utter lemons.

Hard Mode: If you really want to get people drinking then take a sip whenever you say “umm…” or “like…” while you’re acting.