Fotch Drinking Game Rules

The game of Fotch is a lot like popular games like King’s Cup. In that players take turns drawing cards and performing actions based on what they drew. What separates the Fotch drinking game from those games is the whenever someone must drink, if they don’t say “fotch” before hand then they need to drink again.

Basically all the cards you can flip result in drinking so get ready for some heavy drinking. This game works with any number of players but we suggest at least 5 to divide out the drinks better.

What You’ll Need

A standard 52 card deck and plenty of drinks.

Fotch Drinking Game Rules

Players sit in a circle and take turns drawing cards. Oldest player gets to start out the game and draw first.

  • Ace: Do a Waterfall
  • Two: Take a sip
  • Three: Player to the left takes a sip
  • Four: Player to the right takes a sip
  • Five: Last player to put their thumb on the table drinks
  • Six: Guys drink
  • Seven: Last player to raise their hand drinks
  • Eight: Girls drink
  • Nine: Finish your drink
  • Ten: Choose someone else to finish their drink
  • Jack: Last player to put their thumb on the table drinks
  • Queen: Choose someone to do a dare. If they refuse they need to finish their drink.
  • King: Make a new game rule. Anyone who breaks it drinks.

Keep drawing cards until the whole deck is drawn or players can’t drink anymore. And remember to call out anyone who isn’t saying “fotch” before they drink to force them to redo their drinking.

The thing to remember about the Fotch drinking game is that it’s basically King’s Cup on steroids. There’s much less mini games and much more getting loaded. So please take that into account and drink responsibly.