Fluster Review

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Ever sit down with some friends after a long day and struggle to find anything new or interesting to talk about? Well Fluster is the perfect ice-breaker game to make sure you never run out of interesting things to talk about.

This simple card game has players asking and answering fun questions in order to score points.

How To Play

This game really shines in it’s simplicity. To start everyone draws 5 random question cards as well as one reaction card.

Once cards are drawn someone is chosen to start the game. That person chooses someone at the table and asks them one of the interesting questions in their hand, and they must try their best to answer it.

Each question card has a difficulty from 1 to 3. With 1 being lighter questions, and 3 being a little more intense. There’s also a few cards mixed in with special effects such as turning the question on the asker, or making everyone at the table answer one.

After an answer is given, everyone chooses how they will rate the answer with the reaction cards. (from 1 to 3). That score is averaged and then the player that just answered can choose to ask someone else a question. This means if you give a more thoughtful answer, then you can ask more thoughtful questions!

Fluster Review

Over the years we have reviewed a few of these types of conversation topic games, so we went into this knowing what to expect. However, we all agreed this is the best ice breaker game we’ve ever played. The questions were thoughtful without being repetitive, and the rules made is so that you didn’t have to risk getting asked heavy questions if you didn’t want to.

The added dynamics in this game such as the turn-around cards and the difficulty make it a little more fun than most similar games, as you have to pick and choose when to ask the tough questions.

Aside from how good the games questions are, one thing we immediately noticed is the design. It’s a very sleek design and the cards and box are surprisingly high quality.

We highly recommend the Fluster card game for anyone looking to break the ice or just look for new ways to talk with their friends. It’s a great game with tons of replay value for mostly any occasion.