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Flip Cup Elimination

Flip Cup

Flip Cup Elimination is a drinking game very much similar to Survivor Flip Cup except with a bit less drinking and a bit more balance. Basically it plays out like a multiple round game of flip-cup where the winning team gets to eliminate a player from the losing team after every match. The key difference here is this now gives an advantage to the team since they’ll have less cups to chug and less cups to flip, making it easier to tie it up. This game can be played with any number of players as long as teams are even, we suggest 6 vs 6.

What You’ll Need

Tons of cups, beers, and a long ass table.

Flip Cup Elimination Rules

Much like in a regular game of flip cup teams line up on opposite sides of the table. This should mean each player is facing an opponent on the opposite team. Then each team chooses their starting player and arranges their team how they want it.

Once everyone is ready the game begins. The starting player on each team pounds back their drink. Then they place it at the edge of the table and try to flip it over. They keep trying until they succeed. Once they do the next player on their team in turn must to the same.

Once one of the teams finishes and flips all their drinks they are the winners.

The winning team must now elect a member of the losing team to be voted off. They may no longer partake in future rounds until the match is done. Typically you want to target their best player for this.

Now with 1 less player the losing team has an advantage in the next round. They have 1 less beer to drink and flip so they should be done earlier if all goes according to plan. Once a team has eliminated all their opponents they are the ultimate winners.