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Fire Emblem Drinking Game

Fire Emblem Drinking Game -

Fire Emblem as a franchise is known for it’s harsh penalties and tough strategic warfare. When a character dies they are gone for good. The Fire Emblem Drinking game incorporates drinking into this RPG making for more bold and often quite poor strategy choices. So choose your game and get ready for war and to save the world like never before.


Any game in the Fire Emblem series and drinks.


Players will be drinking as they make their way through whichever Fire Emblem they choose. Most commonly drinks will be had whenever combat occurs or upon completion of chapters.

Fire Emblem Drinking Game Rules:

Drink one whenever:

  • You defeat an enemy.
  • An attack misses or does 0 damage.
  • You use any kind of healing item or magic.

Drink 3 whenever:

  • A chapter is completed.
  • Any of your characters are promoted.
  • Anyone lands a critical hit.

Finish your drink whenever:

  • One of your characters is killed.

Optional Rules:

The Drunken Sword Style:

Players may not restart the game or any map. Once a character is killed or has a bad level you are stuck with it. Additionally players must start and play through the entire campaign while playing with these drinking rules. If a main character is killed you may continue to use them and other characters that died in the same fight as it causes a game over. Do not abuse this fact and have your main character purposely killed in order to keep other characters that may have died during the fight.

The League of Heroes:

If you are playing with multiple people each person may designate a hero of their choice. Drinks are doubled when a persons hero of choice would cause them to drink. If any players selected character dies they may then select a new hero. You must use each Players hero if possible when selecting characters for a chapter.

A word of caution before attempting the Drunken Sword Style optional rule: Be aware that the Fire Emblem series is already notable for it’s difficulty. Don’t use this rule if it makes the game too hard and otherwise unplayable. It’s a game after all and meant to be fun, so use this rule for a little extra challenge if you feel you need it.

As far as the other drinking rules go they aren’t anything overly complicated. They will keep you busy drinking often enough and consistently throughout every chapter. This game makes the most out of drinking, your choices will gradually become more rash and generally worse the more you drink. For this reason the game gets more difficult the longer you play each session.

I would highly suggest purchasing any of the Nintendo e-shop versions or trying out the GameCube or Wii games as they allow for play on a TV. As such you and some friends will be able to get together and play through a series in a group, opening up possibilities for votes and arguments on how to act. Suit up and get ready to go to war drunk in this simple yet amazing variant.