Find The Jack Drinking Game

The Find The Jack Drinking Game is a drinking version of the Shell Game in which players try to hide the location of a shall underneath one of three cups. Except this one is just played with three cards where the players need to try and find the Jack of Clubs.

This drinking game can get pretty tense especially as players get drunker and less able to track a card with their eyes. It’s best played with smaller groups, anywhere from 2-6 players.

What You’ll Need

For this game all that’s needed is an empty cup, some drinks, and 3 playing cards. One of them being the Jack of Clubs.

Find The Jack Rules

First a starting guesser and starting hider are chosen. The 3 playing cards should be face up before every round.

Each round the guesser tries to track the jack of clubs and then guess where it ended up. The hider tries to mix them around and make the guesser forget where it was. The hider must keep the cards on the table and is not allowed to physically block the view of the guesser. After about 10 seconds the time is up and the guesser makes their guess.

Once the time is up the guesser picks a card. If they picked the jack of clubs they win, they pour as much of their drink as they want into the cup and then the next player clockwise is the new guesser. If they picked incorrectly they lose, they must drink the contents of the cup. They must remain the guesser but a new hider is chosen.

This game can get a little tricky especially later on in the night. Always remember to drink responsibly and take a break if you need one.