Final Space Drinking Game

Our Fight Space drinking game is for the Sci-Fi cartoon comedy Final Space. The show follows Gary and his destructive sidekick Mooncake as they travel through space in search of the end of the universe. This show is exactly as wacky and hilarious as it sounds so we thought it was the perfect show to enjoy a few drinks and have a great time.

ThisĀ  drinking game will have anyone playing drinking to things like Moonpie’s noises or planets getting destroyed. It works with any number of players so just grab a drink or two, some pals, and sit down to watch a few episodes.

What You’ll Need

Any episode (or multiple) of the show and some drinks. It’s currently streaming internationally on Netflix. Once you got it all queued up just crack open a drink and follow these simple drinking rules.

Final Space Drinking Game Rules

Take a Drink Whenever

  • Anyone mentions the Infinity or the Lord Commander
  • Mooncake makes one of his weird Mooncake noises
  • Gary tries to hit on Quinn
  • One of the S.A.M.E.S. gets killed
  • Someone gets hurled into space
  • A hologram appears

Finish your drink whenever

  • A planet gets destroyed

This drinking game can either be pretty heavy or pretty light, depending which episode you end up watching. If you feel like you’ve had enough to drink consider taking a break and please drink responsibly. If you liked this Final Space game check out our Futurama drinking game!