Fifteen Drinking Game


This game is basically a slightly simpler version of the drinking game Cheers to the Governor. The way the Fifteen Drinking Game works is that players take turns saying the next number in sequence until someone reaches fifteen and gets to substitute a number with an action. Then it all starts over again. If anyone messes up they drink and restart the count.

What You’ll Need

Like many other vocal games this one only requires 2-10 players and some drinks.

Fifteen Drinking Game Rules

For this game it’s best if players sit in a circle or around a table.

First a player is chosen to go first and start the count. They say “One” and then the next player clockwise says the next number. This goes on until someone finally says “Fifteen”. Once someone hits “Fifteen” they get to come up with a number to substitute. Such as “Instead of saying 5 you have to slap the player to your right” or “instead of saying 11 you have to say bananataco”.

Then the next round players have to use the new actions instead of saying the number. If ever a player messes up they take a drink and restart the count at one.

This game goes on until every number is substituted and players successfully said them all in order.


The Fifteen drinking game is very light as far as drinking games go. Only the odd drink for the players that mess it up. Either way you should make sure to pace yourself and drink responsibly.