How about a Fallout 76 Drinking Game?

This Fallout 76 drinking game will have everyone drinking to the first online multiplayer game in the fallout franchise. This is certainly one of the rockier experiences in the Fallout universe so having a few drinks might help push things along.

This game is best played with multiple people in a group all drinking so that you’re all having the same experience although it’ll work just fine solo.

What You’ll Need To Play

Just pop in a copy of F76 on any platform. Then just grab a drink and follow these easy drinking rules.

Fallout 76 Drinking Game Rules

Take a sip of your drink whenever…

  • You fast travel. (even if you teleport to a player in your group).
  • You run into a player who you haven’t seen up until now
  • You get hit with a melee strike
  • You wonder when they are going to patch something in the game
  • A quest is completed
  • You spawn your camp
  • You become over encumbered
  • You catch yourself wishing you were just playing Fallout 3 or 4
  • You encounter a Deathclaw
  • Someone prompts you to fight. Take another sip if you refuse.

Finish Your Drink Whenever You Die

Intense Difficulty Mode: If you’re looking to take this drinking game from steady to bonkers then add in this simple drinking rule. Take a sip whenever you encounter a bug or glitch of any kind. Good luck!


Our fallout 76 drinking game is a great way to enjoy this game while getting a buzz on at the same time. Since it’s a multiplayer game it makes for a funner drinking game experience than previous titles. Plus maybe after you’ve had a few you won’t notice all the bugs. Please make sure to always drink responsibly and never get behind the wheel of a car if you’ve been drinking. If you want to check out some more great video game drinking games click here!