Eye Contact Drinking Game

For all those who dread looking into the eyes of another person, this game might be a hard pass. For the rest of us the Eye Contact drinking game is a great time. The basic idea of the game is to avoid stare at someone randomly and hope they aren’t doing the same to you. Loser drinks. This game requires at least 4 players to play, otherwise it’s a bit too quick. So it’s a great choice for people looking to entertain a large group of people.

What You’ll Need

There’s really no requirements for this game other than a set of eyes and some drinks. Plus a decent sized open space to allow players to all face each other in a circle. This can either be at a table or on the floor, doesn’t matter.

Eye Contact Drinking Game Rules

The goal of this game is to look at someone who you hope isn’t looking at you.

Once every player is ready, every one closes their eyes. Now in unison, players must bang on the ground and count down from 5 to 0.

Once they reach zero at the same time everyone open their eyes and stare at a specific player. It might also help to point at them so people know who you’re looking at.

If any players are both staring and pointing at each other, they both finish their drink and are now out of the game.

This game can have one or two winners. If at the end of the round there is only 1 or 2 people not eliminated they win the game. This happens because having a round with only 2 players is pointless because they have to pick each other.


The Eye Contact Drinking Game is pretty easy to get going. If you wanna make things a bit more exciting you can always switch out the 5-to-0 count to a drunken chant like Ole. If you’re a fan of easy to play word drinking games, you might want to check out Straight Face.