Ex On The Beach Drinking Game

Ex on the beach is an MTV TV series where cast mates think they are starring on a dating show, but in reality their ex’s are about to crash the party. With the arrival of the ex’s, it changes the whole dynamic of the show with explosive drama, fights and of course being an MTV competition. What will happen when contestants are stuck with your ex for weeks on end?

Pour yourself a drink and get ready to sip over some drama that is about to explode all over your TV. The Ex on the Beach Drinking game can be played with any season or origin of the show, even the UK version.

What You’ll Need To Play

To play this great drinking game you won’t need much, all you’ll need is a few drinks of choice and to pick an episode of Ex on the Beach from any season. This game is fun to play while watching an episode alone or can be played in a group as well.

The Ex On The Beach Drinking Game Rules

Drink One Sip Whenever…

  • Anyone kisses on screen
  • Anyone cries
  • Anyone takes a shot of alcohol

Take A Big Gulp Of Your Drink Whenever…

  • Someone sleeps with their ex
  • Someone says they are falling for someone
  • Someone is so drunk they fall
  • A couple actually breaks up

Finish Whatever Is Left Of Your Drink Whenever…

  • Someone gets sent home
  • A couple officially starts dating
  • A physical fight occurs
  • Someone is caught naked on TV

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