Everything Sucks Drinking Game

Everything Sucks Drinking Game -

The show Everything Sucks is a high school sitcom that follows a group of hopeless nerds in the 90s. It does everything in it’s power to appeal to the nostalgia of anyone who was raised in that decade. So naturally we decided this show is a perfect choice for a drinking game. The everything sucks drinking game has players drinking to all the 90s tropes and the predictable high school drama that are constant throughout any given episode of this show.

Depending how attentive you are this drinking game can be a lot of drinking. Mostly for how much they really over use slang and the constant references to 90s culture and technology.

What You’ll Need

All you need for this drinking game is the show Everything Sucks which is currently on Netflix and a few drinks. Then just follow these simple drinking rules.


Everything Sucks Drinking Game Rules

Drink for each of these 90s tropes

  • A famous person from the 90s is mentioned
  • You notice any uniquely 90s slang
  • You see any toys that were iconic of the 90s

Drink Whenever

  • Anyone gets rejected or strikes out with a girl
  • You notice another extremely typical group of people. Like jocks, nerds, hippies, drama geeks, etc…
  • Someone mentions a business that no longer exists
  • There’s a painfully awkward conversation

If any 90s songs start playing in the background players must chug until someone can think of the name of the song and say it out loud. Otherwise they’re stuck drinking until it’s done. 


The Everything Sucks drinking game can be a little heavy. In fact it may get you drunk enough to not realize that this show is a god awful representation of what it was like to grow up in the nineties. So please make sure to drink responsibly and take a break if you need one. If you’re looking for another drinking game to trigger that 90s nostalgia we suggest checking out our Friends drinking game!