Elfen Lied Drinking Game

Elfen Lied Drinking Game

The Elfen Lied Drinking Game will have players drinking to the anime Elfen Lied based off of the manga with the same name. From the first scenes it is apparent that Elfen Lied will have plenty of extremely violent action. From peoples limbs being ripped off to someones heart being punched out of their chest.

Elfen Lied centers around a mysterious girl that is found half naked on the beach by main characters Kouta and Yuka. Unsure of what to do with the mysterious girl they take her back to their lodgings and end up referring to her as Nyu. At the same time a secret government agency is looking for one of it’s escaped prisoners, a violent and deadly girl by the name of Lucy.  Time to grab a few drinks and settle in for some extreme violence and partial nudity!


The Elfen Lied anime and drinks


Players will drink whenever one of the many reoccurring events happen during the anime. They will also finish their drinks whenever a horned person is killed or severely injured.

Elfen Lied Drinking Game Rules:

Drink one whenever:

  • Someone is killed or injured.
  • There is nudity.
  • There is bad CGI.
  •  Nyu acts like a child.
  • Someone cries.
  • Bando is overconfident, condescending, or just an asshole in general.

Optional rule:

  • Drink whenever there is hilariously bad voice acting. This only applies to the English dub unfortunately. Totally worth it if you can get your hands on it.

Finish your drink whenever:

  • Someone with horns is killed or severely injured.

The finish your drink rule comes in pretty randomly. It doesn’t occur too often to be worried about, but be warned that at any given moment someone could randomly show they have horns then immediately get murdered.

The amount of drinks that occur in the Elfen Lied Drinking Game can vary quite greatly from scene to scene.This is mostly due to the amount of people killed in many of the action scenes. Just in the opening sequence there are more than a dozen soldiers ruthlessly ripped apart for your viewing and drinking enjoyment. The balance of drinks is more even if you manage to get your hands on an English dubbed copy of the show. This is because of how dated, monotonous, and altogether awful the voice acting is. If ultra violence is up your alley then get ready to down a few drinks and watch the blood flow in the Eflen Lied Drinking Game.