Elf Drinking Game

Elf Drinking Game The Chuggernauts

The Elf drinking game will have players drinking to the holiday classic Elf. So if this Christmas season you’re looking to unwind by watching the ever-quirky Will Ferrell in his quest to prove to his cold-hearted father the value of Christmas then look no further than this festive drinking game. So time to get bubbly with buddy and start feeling that “Christmas spirit” thing he’s always talking about.

This movie makes for the perfect drinking game with just how frequently the same topics keep coming up. But be warned if you don’t consider yourself a fan of Will Ferrell’s brand of comedy you might want to skip over this one.




Elf and drinks


Players will drink one every time Buddy repeats one of his many trops, and will drink with him as long as he’s singing. Also players will have to down their drinks in the scene where Buddy is getting drunk.

Elf Drinking Game Rules:

Drink one everytime

  • Buddy breaks something
  • Someone mentions the naughty or nice list
  • Buddy tries to eat something he shouldn’t
  • Buddy says “Santa” or “Christmas”
  • You spot maple syrup
  • Buddy does something socially awkward

Chug as long as

  • Buddy is singing

Finish your drink when

  • Buddy gets drunk. No sense in letting him get drunk alone!

The drink finishing rule really only comes up once in this movie so it’s not that bad. But it’s the singing rule that will get you especially by the end of the movie when the other characters finally have the patience to let Buddy finish one of his songs. Beyond that it’s rare to hear buddy utter a single sentence without mentioning Christmas. So if you’re feeling up to the task grab a few friends and get ready for the Elf Drinking Game!