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Eat the Turnbuckle Drinking Game

Eat the Turnbuckle is a drinking game that involves both a deck of card and a couple dice. Depending on your luck it an either end up being a lot of drinking or very little. The key strategy here is to lay low and not get into any rivalries or you might be into a world of hurt.

What You’ll Need

A standard 52 card deck of playing cards, two dice, and some drinks for each player.

Setting up the game

Deal out the entire deck as evenly as possible to each player. The cards are worth what their face value is with a few exceptions. Jacks are worth 11, Queens are worth 12, and Kings and aces are both “cover cards”.

How to Play the Eat the Turnbuckle Drinking Game

In clockwise order players start rolling the dice.

The value of the roll equals the total of both dice. Once the dice are rolled anyone who has any cards that match that value may play them face up in front of any other player. That player must drink for an amount of seconds equal to the cards value.

If players have multiple cards matching the value they can play all of them. Either on one player or they can split them up to multiple players.

If a player ever gets to play 4-of-a-kind at once that’s called “Eating the Turnbuckle.” This MUST be played all on one player. That player must also drink 1.5 times the value of each card.

Cover Cards

If a number is re-rolled multiple times the players who already had those cards in front of them must drink again. The only way to stop this is by using “cover cards”.

The Aces and Kings in the deck are considered cover cards. These can be used to cover up any cards in front of you so that you no longer have to drink that cards value when that number is rolled. You can also use them to cover up other players cards if you feel like being a good person.

Ending the Game

The game ends when each number from 2-12 has been rolled, meaning everyone should have played every card in their hand.


Eat the Turnbuckle often results in a ton of drinking especially when it comes down to needing to roll a 2 or 12 to end it. So please remember to drink with caution and take a break if you need one. If you’re looking for a similar style of game that only uses cards we suggest taking a look at the Pyramid Drinking Game!