Durarara!! Drinking Game

durarara drinking game -

The Durarara!! Drinking Game will have players drinking to the anime adaptation of the light novel series with the same name. Durarara!! Follows various groups of people, ranging from students to adults. With a plethora of important characters the series tends to focus on varying groups every episode slowly unfolding the mysteries of Ikebukuro.


The anime Durarara!! and Drinks.


Players will be drinking along as the mysteries of Ikebukuro slowly unfold and all of the action scenes that follow. Most drinks will be had to the color gangs and people using their cellphones and an online chat group. Whenever any of the major secret identities of characters are revealed players will finish their drinks.

Durarara!! Drinking Game Rules:

Drink one whenever:

  • The episode shifts focus to a different character or group of characters.
  • Anyone references Celty’s head.
  • Any of the gangs are mentioned.
  • Izaya is mentioned.
  • shizuo uses his unbelievable strength.
  • Anyone is seen using a cellphone.
  • Someone logs into the group chat.

Finish your drink whenever:

  • You discover who the leader of any of the color gangs are. This includes the Dollars.
  • Saika’s true identity is revealed.

The Durarara!! Drinking Game will have players drinking along as a multitude of secrets and coincidental events take place within Ikebukuro. Episodes tend to jump around from character to character and cellphones are used as the main source of communication by many people. The main plot revolves are a couple of gangs and the mystery behind Celty’s missing head. The drinking rules cover almost anything that happens within the series evenly throughout so get ready to be drinking steadily.

The Finish your drink rules don’t come up often and more so later in the series so get ready to have to knock a couple of drinks back in close proximity. This is fine however due to the constant occurrence of the drink one rules. Get ready for some crazy mysteries and character development that will try their best to drown you in drinks.