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Drunk Confidence Review – For When You’re Too Drunk To Admit Defeat

Unlike most of the games we got the pleasure to test out; the Drunk Confidence card game isn’t really a drinking game. Rather it’s a game that’s best played when you’re already inebriated. The whole idea of the game is to see who can do what and who can’t, so adding a few drinks to the mix will really highlight who can back up their claims. Of course you don’t have to drink to play this game but where’s the fun in that?

How To Play The Game

This game offers two ways to play. An “easy mode” for those who want to get straight to the tom-foolery and then a more “classic mode” for people who care a little more about competition.

Easy Mode

Everyone takes turns flipping cards. Then everyone else votes on if the flipper can do the task successfully. After an attempt everyone votes on if they succeeded or not.

Classic Mode

Everyone draws 7 cards. The object of the game is to be the first player to rid yourself of all of them.

First everyone gets to discard 2 cards and then pass 1 card to the right.

Players take turns placing a card face up on the table. Any of the other players can “challenge” it if they think the player can’t perform that task. If challenged the player who laid down the card must now attempt it. If the skill was successfully done then the player who called the challenge must pick up all the cards in the middle. If not then the one who was challenged must pick them all up. Otherwise if no challenge is called then the card is simply discarded and play moves clockwise.

Continue until only 1 player remains. They win!

Drunk Confidence Review

Other than a few cards aimed at self promotion like tagging them on social media (gotta respect the hustle) and some others that were clearly aimed at american audiences,  this game was a really good time. Finding out what weird talents your friends have or what simple questions they fail at is hilarious.

We found the “easy mode” of Drunk Confidence to be the best way to simply enjoy this game. Less strategy and more drunken shenanigans.

Chuggernauts’ Drinking Rules

Before even starting this game we suggest everyone shotguns a beer. That’s the best way to get into the right mindset for this one.

Drinking rules are simple.

  • If you fail a task take a drink.
  • If you voted incorrectly on if someone can complete a task take a drink.
  • If you complete a task that NOBODY thought you could do, everyone else must take a knee and finish their drinks.