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Drug Dealer Drinking Game

Drug Dealer Rules - the chuggernauts

This game is very similar to the game Cops and Robbers. Actually, it’s almost exactly the same. Th Drug Dealer drinking game is really simple to play and setup. The premise is there is a cop trying to catch a drug dealer, but nobody knows who the cop is or who the dealer is. The dealer tries to make drug deals without the cop noticing.

What You’ll Need

At least 4 players and some drinks. You’ll also need a playing card for each player with one ace and king mixed in.

Drug Dealer Drinking Game Rules

Deal out the cards to each player. Everyone looks at their card but keeps it secret from the other players. The player with the Ace is the “cop” and the player with the King is the “Drug Dealer”.

Now the goal is for the drug dealer to make as many drug deals as possible. To do this they must wink at another player and have him see it. If they successfully wink at another player then the player that was winked at says “A deal has been made”.

Whenever a deal is made, the cop drinks for 5 seconds.

This continues until the cop finds out who the dealer is. The dealer can deal to the same person as many times as they want.

If the cop calls out who the dealer is correctly, they win and the dealer must drink for 5 seconds. If the cop calls out incorrectly they drink for 5 more seconds and keep playing.

The Drug Dealer drinking game is one of the easiest to understand so it’s good for bigger groups. If you have more than 6 players you could also add in a second dealer to make things interesting and play until the cop catches both of them. As always please drink responsibly.