Drown The Clown

Drown The Clown is a simple card game to see who can recognize a pair of cards first. The premise is very similar to Beer Snap except that all players flip at the same time.

Drown the clown is so easy to understand that you could bring it out at any event and everyone should know how to play right away.



A deck of cards and drinks.

Set up:

Deal one card to each player, face down.


At the count of three every player flips their cards. If a players card matches anyone else’s he races to point to them and say “clown”.


Drown the clown rules:

Once all the cards are dealt the dealer counts to 3. At the count of 3 every player flips their face down card. If someone’s card matches someone else’s he must race to point to them and say “clown!”. Any player who had someone point to them and say “clown” without retaliating in time must drink for a number of seconds equal to the face value of the card. For example Ace is one second of drinking and King is 13.

The dealer than deals out another card and the game is played again.  There’s no ending point to this game so enjoy it as long as you’re able.


Drown the clown is little more than flipping a card and getting drunk. And on nights where all you want to do is drink it does the job perfectly. It’s a moderate amount to of drinking but it’s worse if you’re slow on the draw.