7 Drinking Party Games to Break The Ice

When things slowly start to open back up and the world starts to go back to normal, you might be nervous about how everyone will get along. That’s why a fun drinking party game could be a good way to get people to loosen up and start socializing.

Finding the right ice breaker games can set the tone for the night. We picked out some of our favorite games that combine drinking and just having fun.

Best Drinking Party Games

Siege Pong – When Beer Pong Goes Medieval

Number of Players2-6
Produced ByRusalka Games
Type of GamePong Game
Where to BuyRusalka Store

Siege pong is an epic game that turns Beer Pong into a medieval quest. If you’ve played beer pong before the rules should be pretty easy to understand. The main objective is simply to remove the opposing teams cups before they can remove yours. But in this version there’s much more at play like defensive towers, attacking knights, special abilities, classes and more.

This game comes with two sets of cups (one for each team), a deck of cards and some pong balls. During the course of the game players stack their cups in a way that’s hard to sink for the opponents. They can place some cups upside down as defensive towers, or to support the other cups better. Additionally players get to play cards in their hands to give them an advantage such as throwing extra balls, assigning a class, or replacing towers. These cards are bought each turn from a face-up shop during the game. If you’re craving a game like beer pong that has a boatload more strategy, than this is an obvious choice.

Under The Influence – An Intense Drinking Experience

Produced ByShots No Chaser
Type of GameCard Drinking Game
Where to BuyAmazon

Under the Influence is probably the single biggest card drinking game we’ve ever had the pleasure to try out. Each of the included decks of cards has a unique style of challenge attached to it. Puzzles, Games, Questions, Challenges, Drinking penalties and more. With 200 cards in 4 unique decks, this game offers a ton of replay value.

This game is organized into 4 unique decks of cards; Brain Benders, Who’s Who, Under the Influence, and Shots No Chaser. The Brain Benders are questions to answer to the group like “What’s your favorite feature about yourself?”. Who’s Who has players pointing the finger at each other to determine who at the table is best described by the card. Under the Influence cards are usually pretty intense challenges that have a drinking penalty if you chicken out. Finally, the Shots No Chaser cards contain crazy drinking challenges and punishments, typically best suited for later in the night once everyone already had a few.

Drink-A-Palooza – An All-In-One Drinking Game

Drink-A-Palooza -
Produced ByDrink-A-Palooza
Type Of GameParty Board Game
Where to BuyAmazon

Drink-A-Palooza is like if mario party came to life. It combines a bunch of iconic drinking games like quarters, beer pong, flip cup and more and turns them into mini-games during a board game.

In Drink-A-Palooze each player gets a little player piece in the shape of an empty six-pack. The goal is to move around the board, collecting beer tokens to fill up your six pack. This is done through a series of fun drinking games and challenges that pop up as you play.

Suddenly Drunk – Kicking Up Your Board Game Night

PlayersAny Amount
Produced By Breaking Games
Type of GameBoard Game Add-On
Where to BuyAmazon

Suddenly Drunk is a game that adds in fun drinking rules to existing board games. That way everyone can play their favorite game and add in a bit of booze. No compromising game-play for the sake of some drunken shenanigans.

The way it works is you simple add this deck of card to any board game. It could be monopoly, settlers of catan, risk, anything! Whenever it’s about to be your turn in the game, flip one of the cards from Suddenly Drunk and do what it says. It’s usually some wacky drinking rules, or game rules like “speak in an accent until your next turn”.

Pour Judgement – A Hilarious Ice Breaker Game

Produced ByPour Judgement
Type of GameDrinking Card Game
Where to

Pour Judgement is a great ice breaker card game full of hilarious stunts and challenges. This game is incredibly simple to play and set up. Simply shuffle the deck and place it in the middle of the table. Then on a players turn they simply flip the card and do what it says (or take a drink for wimping out).

The game is broken up into a few types of cards such as “drink if” cards that make everyone at the table drink if they’ve done a certain thing. There’s a pretty creative assortment of cards, and no shortage of laughs throughout.

Out of Commission – A Wild Drinking Board Game

Out Of Commission Drinking Game -

Much like Drink-A-Palooza, Out of Commission is a drinking board game where players race to the finish while competing in a number of drinking challenges along the way. The objective is to make it from the outer circle all the way into the center, which proves to be a long and drunken adventure.

As players worm their way to the center of the board they pass through a bunch of interesting spaces. The Mystery spaces make players draw cards that have challenges on them like doing 20 jumping jacks, and drinking penalties if they fail. The face-off spaces pit two players against each-other in challenges such as chug races or arm wrestles.

Produced ByOut Of Commission
Type of GameDrinking Board Game
Where to BuyAmazon

Drink-O-Tron – A Funner Way to Play Kings

Drink-O-Tron Drinking Game -
Produced ByDrinkotron
Type of GameDrinking Card Game
Where to BuyAmazon

Drink-O-Tron is probably the simplest and most effective drinking game on this like. It just takes the simple Kings Card game and makes it easier to play by printing the rules right on the cards. Simply flip the card, do what it says, or drink as a consequence!

This simple deck of cards makes drinking games easy. Each turn the active player just flips a card and does what it says. Some cards force players to engage in mini-games like waterfall, some just cause players to drink, and others are fun game rules. The game keeps going until every card in the deck has been played.

Did we miss some of your favorite drinking party games? With so many games and so little time, it was hard to include everything in one post. If you didn’t find the ice breaker game you’re looking for check out our archive of party games. As always, make sure to drink responsibly and organize a safe ride home.