Drinking Games for One Person

Drinking Games For One Person -

Sometimes you just wanna have a few drinks with the hassle of dealing with other human beings. We’re here to accommodate, not judge. So whether you’re pre-gaming for an outing or just enjoying a comfortable night by yourself this list should help you get things moving.  The following list is we believe to be the best drinking games for one person.

Our Top Drinking Games For One Person

Drinking Solitaire

There’s nothing quite like solitaire if you’re looking to entertain yourself for a few minutes. This card drinking game plays out just like any normal game of solitaire. You can use whichever rules you prefer but just make sure to add in these simple drinking rules.

  • Drink once every time you flip a card from the deck.
  • At the end of the game if you failed, count all remaining cards in the deck and drink that many times.
  • If you are successful in filling up the tableau with all the cards from the board and deck, chug your drink in celebration!

Black or Red

If you’re just looking to polish off a few drinks and not have to think about it too much there’s always Black or Red. This game is exactly as simple as it sounds. Simply flip cards from the top of the guess and guess if they’ll be black or red. If you’re wrong take a sip.

Lonely Roller

This game requires a paper, pencil and a single die. All you need to do is roll a die and mark down on a sheet which number you rolled. Every time you roll a number you must drink equal to the total amount of times that number has been rolled. The game only ends when you have successfully rolled each number at least twice. Depending on your luck this can be 12 rolls or 50.

Drunken Memory

This games title might seem like an oxymoron but it’s actually quite fun. First remove every card in a deck of cards until only 1 to 6 remain. Then shuffle the deck and make a 6×6 square of face down cards. Flip cards two at a time, trying to match them. Whenever you’re incorrect take a drink! Understandably this game gets harder after every beer. Keep playing until you’ve matched every card.

The Minecraft Drinking Game

If you’re sick of dealing cards to yourself there’s always the Minecraft drinking game. This game simply entails starting up a game of minecraft, on a brand new world, and drinking every time you want to craft something. You must also finish your entire drink if you die. So try and survive as long as you can with as little as you can!


Thus concludes our short list of best drinking games for one person. If you like the prospect of solo drinking games for video games there’s always our PUBG drinking game or our Chrono Trigger drinking game!