Drink While You Think Drinking Game

The Drink While You Think drinking game is simple and doesn’t require anything other than some full drinks. It’s an easy game without any real competition so it’s a good lighthearted ice breaker for the start of the night.




Players must think of famous people’s names who’s first names begin with the same first letter of the last name of the last mentioned famous person.

Drink While You Think Rules:

This game is very simple. The first player names a famous person. Once this is done the next player in the circle must name another famous person whose first name starts with the same letter as the last name of the previous famous person. For example if someone said Kevin Bacon then the next player would need to think of a famous person who’s name starts with B like Ben Affleck. The kicker of this game is that players must drink until they think of a name. So whenever a player puts his drink down he better be ready to say a correct name. Players are not allowed to repeat any names during this game.

Alternatively this game doesn’t need to be about famous people. It can be played using any category like ‘cars’ or ‘breakfast cereals’. Just make sure that whatever category is picked is fair for everyone playing.


Drink While You Think is a fairly light drinking game. It’s suitable for really any point at a party. Eventually the drinking will pile up once everyone takes all the good names and nobody can think of any unique ones. There’s also no ending point to this game so feel free to play it for as long or as little as needed.