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Drink It Dinkus

Drink It Dinkus an easy yet exciting card game. The best part is it only requires a deck of cards and something to drink. There is a few special cards in the deck that cause things to be a little more complicated as well. The goal of this game is for the Guesser to guess which card he has. While the hinter must answer his questions truthfully. The longer the Guesser takes, the more he drinks!

What You’ll Need

All you need for this game is a deck of cards and some drinks.

Set Up

Before the play starts shuffle the deck. Decide who will be the guesser and who will be the hinter. The guesser draws one card and puts it to their forehead without looking at it. The goal of the game is for the guesser to correctly guess the exact card, number and suit.

How To Play

The guesser asks questions about his card such as “Is it higher than 7?”, ” Is it a black card?” , ” Is it a face card?”, ” Is it a card with special rules?”, etc… The hinter may only answer a question with Yes or No. The value of cards is 2 (2) to King (13).

Every time the Guesser asks a question they must drink.

When the guesser feels they know the exact value of the card they can guess it. If they are correct they win and a new Guesser and Hinter are elected for the next round. If they are incorrect however the hinter must call out “Drink It Dinkus!” and the guesser drinks equal to the value of the card on their head, then the guesser must draw a new card and start from scratch.

The Guesser also must automatically try to guess the exact card after making 5 broad guesses.

Special Cards:

Ace – At the start of each round, before the guesser draws a card the hinter must decide if Ace is high or low. Without telling the guesser what they’ve decided. (If a player fails to guess this card they drink 10 times).

King – King acts as a normal card with the value of 13. However at any point when the hinter thinks the guesser is getting close to guessing the value they can call “Switch!” and force the guesser to grab a new card and start from scratch. This means they are able to make 5 new guesses before having to make a final guess.

Joker – Jokers are by far the most infuriating cards in the deck. When a guesser is holding a Joker the hinter can say whatever they want to any question. Since Jokers are considered to be every suit and every number. This means they can lead the guesser in any direction they want until they most likely make a bad guess. They may also lie for any question except “Is it a joker?”, meaning if the guesser asks if the card has special rules they are allowed to say “No.” (If a player fails to guess this card instead of drinking the value of the card, they flip a card from the deck and drink equal to that cards value. If it’s another joker they must chug a full drink.)


Drink It Dinkus is one of the funnest drinking games out there. Especially when someone forgets to put on their poker face so the Guesser is able to correctly call out a Joker, Ace or King. The game works best with around 6 people taking turns. We encourage players to add their own house rules for cards if they want to make it even crazier. If you like bluffing games than you may want to checkout the classic Cheat.