Drink Inc – An Upcoming Multiplayer Drinking Video Game

Drink Inc Review - the chuggernauts

Drink Inc is a drinking video game produced by Nikkihends Productions. Unlike every other video game we’ve covered to date, this one actually has drinking in mind! Think of it like a version of Mario Party where each of losing causes to you take X amount of drinks.

It’s fully playable in Beta on steam but it will get it’s full release soon enough across steam and XBox Live. Which by the way means this is the first ever drinking game to reach consoles! Also for those who would rather try it out before they go all-in they also give a free demo. It supports up to 8 players locally so you don’t have to worry about sharing controllers.

How To Play

First thing you’re going to want to do if you’re playing on PC is to hook up some game controllers. This game plays much better with controllers than over keyboard. From there you just play some mini games, some drinking games, flip some cards, and generally just have a good time. The goal of the game is to win the mini games and move up on the playing board to reach the end first.

Minigame Drinking Game

Mini Games

The games come in many styles. The major thing in common is that when someone or a team loses a mini games they have to drink. The end screen will tell them how much they have to drink. There’s solo games where players compete against each other to see who the best is and team games where players are divided into teams to compete. There’s also some straight up drinking games that will simply rely on luck or voting to see how much you have to drink.

Within the mini games there’s also drink pickups. If someone can manage to grab this then at the end of the game they can assign a certain number of drinks to the opposing players.

Drinking Cards


As this game progresses cards will also make an appearance. This game boasts over 100 cards so it has a ton of replay value. When these come up they can do a number of things like assigning drinks or making new game rules. As an added bonus players can also choose which types of cards do and don’t appear in a game.

Drink Inc Review

Although we only got to try out a beta version of this game it was definitely a good time. With all the customization involved with character creation and setting up the game it’s sure to be a new experience every time.

Why it took so long for someone to start creating a drinking video game we have no idea, but it sure seems to be turning out well even if some of the mini games are a bit rough around the edges. This game promises to be a great way to just plug in and get the party started.


If you wanted to follow along with Drink Inc and see how the game developes you can following them on twitter @drinkincgame or on Facebook @drinkincgame.