Drink, Drank, Drunk. The Wild Party Card Game.

Drink, Drank, Drunk is a flip and drink party game with over 200 unique cards to draw from. With 5 different types of cards that effect gameplay in various ways, it’s one of the most interesting party games on the market. If you’re looking for a wild night-in, than Drink Drank Drunk is a great way to do just that.

Luckily for us, we got a chance to play Drink, Drank, Drunk over the week and give our thoughts on the game. But first we’ll lay out how the game is played and the different types of cards.

How To Play

Like many drinking games the key is simplicity. All you need to do in Drink, Drank, Drunk is flip a card and do what it says. It’s easy to unpack, understand and play. The one thing you’ll want to know before starting the first turn is what the five different types of cards do.

We should also mention that in addition to the physical card game, there’s also a free online version. So you can try it before you buy it.

Play Drink Drank Drunk Online Here

Types of Cards

Action Cards

These are the bread and butter of this game and the most common type of card in the deck. They’re usually some kind of obscure challenge where if you chicken-out you have to drink. One of the funner action cards we ran into was “Each person takes turns dropping their best pickup line. Everyone else drinks if the line was good.”

Special Cards

Special cards are ones that you draw into your hand and keep secret from the other players until you choose to activate them. These are useful for countering certain cards used against you or just messing with opponents. Some fun special cards include “Whoever just made you drink has to drink with you” or “Discard a weakness card”.

Rule Cards

These are cards that effect the entire game. There is only two allowed in play at once, so once there’s more than that it bumps out the last one. A great example is “Peel your drinks like a banana and make monkey sounds before drinking”.

Weakness Cards

Weakness cards are self-imposed rules that only effect the player with the card. Usually stuff that makes the game harder for that player such as “End every sentence with In Bed” or “Do a fitness act such as a pushup each time you drink”

Power Cards

These are the reverse of the Weakness Cards. Instead of punishments, you get a special power that usually results in the slowest player to take a drink. Stuff like “If anyone answers your questions they drink” or “You may wave your hands like a conductor and last to play an imaginary instrument drinks”.

Our Initial Thoughts

One of the great things that stand out about this game are how unique some of the cards are, especially the challenges and rules. That’s really what separates from this most other drinking party games.

One thing Drink, Drank, Drunk does really well is keeping the players engaged. Because of the combination of game rule cards and personal rule cards(weakness and power cards), you can be sure everyone is playing with their own set of challenges. Which rewards everyone from keeping an eye out at catching others breaking their rules.

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We played almost all the way through the deck of cards and loved it. This game has a lot to offer and because of the variety of cards there’s a ton of replay value so it will definitely be hitting the table again soon.

Who should play this game?

Just about anyone above the legal drinking age would love this game. There’s not a ton of heavy drinking rules so it makes for a great ice breaker game to start off a party, but it’s equally fun when everyone is already half way in-the-bag and willing to attempt some of the crazier dares.