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On The Drink – A Brand New Quarters Variant

OnTheDrink -

The Chuggernaut’s Original “On The Drink” is a clever mix between Quarters and Beer Blow. In this game players aim to land their quarter on the stack of cards on top of a beer glass without knocking any cards off. Players take turns bouncing a quarter until one player finally knocks off the last card and must finish the drink. Alternatively if a player can manage to get the quarter in the cup without knocking off all the cards he can instead assign that drink to another player.

On The Drink can support any number of players and is an exciting way to polish off a few drinks. But make sure you have a short glass and a sturdy table otherwise bouncing a quarter high up might prove to be a nearly impossible task.



A short glass like a whiskey glass filled with beer, a quarter and a deck of cards.

Set up:

Fill the cup with beer. Spread out every card face down on top of the cup as wide as possible. Players should sit in a circle around the cup if possible. Make sure there is enough room to bounce a quarter for each player and hopefully a surface that doesn’t absorb the bounce too much.


The aim of the game is to land the quarter on the cup or at least hit the cards on the cup without knocking any off. Players take turns bouncing the quarter hoping not to be the one to knock off the last card.

On The Drink rules:

Once a starting player is chosen they begin the game by trying to bounce a quarter on the cup. If they miss the cards they must drink and shoot again until they hit the cards or land the quarter in the drink. When they manage to do either of those one of four outcomes happen:

  • They hit the cards without knocking any off. Play passes to the next player.
  • They knock cards off the drink. He drinks equal to the number of cards knocked off and play passes to the next player.
  • They knock off the final card. He must chug the drink in the middle.
  • They land the quarter inside the cup. He chooses another player to drink the cup.

Play continues clockwise until one player either sinks the quarter or knocks off the last card. The player who ended the game gets to start the next round.


This game is a fair amount of drinking especially if you lack the hand-eye coordination to hit the cards. Players may chose to play with a “mercy” rule where after a player misses 5 times play passes on regardless.


On The Drink is the perfect amount of drinking to keep players active while still being fairly easy to understand and play. It can cause some really tense situations when there is only one or two cards left on the deck and players know this is their last shot to sink the quarter.


Please remember to Drink Responsibly. No drinking game is worth risking your physical health.