Drifters Drinking Game

Drifters drinking game - theChuggernauts

The Drifters Drinking Game will have players drinking to the anime adaptation of the manga with the same name. Drifters is originally written and illustrated by the same author as Hellsing, and its quite apparent in the style of this anime. Famous people from throughout history are suddenly transported to a new world. Some are known as Drifters, the others, Ends. Both are forced into joining opposing sides in a war fought on a world beyond our own. Why are these people being forced from their own time to fight a war against each other? Who exactly is responsible? There are lots of questions to be answered and many drinks to be had.


The Drifters anime and drinks.


Players will drink to the abundant violence as well as to the characters and objects that are out of place in a new world.

Drifters Drinking Game Rules:

Drink one whenever:

  • Someone is killed.
  • Anyone says Drifter or Ends.
  • There are glowing eyes or glasses on screen.
  • Something is on fire.
  • There are objects from other time periods or unique to the world in the series.
  • You are introduced to a new Drifter or Ends.
  • The animation gets really lazy looking.

The Drifters Drinking Game is full of action and extreme violence which makes for a lot of great drinking rules. People are being killed almost constantly and things seem to catch fire really easily. Drifters and Ends show up mostly towards the beginning of the series but don’t worry, the other rules more than make up for the lack of many newer characters as the show progresses. There isn’t any need for a finish your drink rule here, the violent nature of the characters will be more than enough to keep you drinking steadily. Excessive violence is always easy to have a few drinks to so don’t be shy, bottoms up!