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Don’t Think. Drink. – A Portable Party

Last weekend we got to test out the great drinking card game Don’t Think. Drink by the great FreshSqueezed Games. As the name implies it’s incredibly simple and fun. Think of it like a game of Kings except with much more unique and fun challenges.

How To Play The Game

This is where this game really shines. All you need to know in this game is you take turns flipping cards and doing what it says on them. The cards themselves come in 3 flavors.

Immediate cards just tell you to do something straight up like have a drink. Rule cards stick around and effect the whole game like making everyone speak in 3 word sentences. Challenge cards issue a challenge like eating a spoonful of dirt and usually offer some kind of drinking punishment if it’s not completed.

That’s all! Just flip cards and get straight to the fun. The game continues until every card in the deck as been flipped over.

If peolpe want to dive head first into the spirit of this game there’s also a Playlist created by the DTD team for the game that can be found here.

Don’t Think. Drink Review.

This game is perfect for people who love card games and wacky drinking challenges. It has awesome replay value as well. Some of the challenges are so creative and fun that this one really stands apart from other like-minded games. About 4 cards in I was already wearing toilet paper around my head, finishing a drink while speaking in an accent and wondering what I had gotten myself into.

The one thing people should know is this game is best played when people are already a few beers into the night. The game is wildly fun when people have hit that sweet-spot of being tipsy enough to consider some of the poor life choices this game can throw at you.

At a price tag of only ten dollars you’re really doing yourself a disservice if you don’t check “Dont Think. Drink.” out. It’s a guaranteed good time. Get Your Copy Here