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Don Cherry Drinking Game

Don Cherry Drinking Game -

The Don Cherry drinking game is for the popular NHL news desk Coach’s Corner. Don Cherry, the lovable oaf, has always been a staple of Canadian culture. With his obsession with the way hockey “used to be” to his constant need to ramble and cut off Ron Mclean it’s hard not to love the guy. Plus his completely unique fashion sense makes things interesting.


Any Coach’s Corner segment and a drink of choice. These segments are usually found between NHL games.

Set Up

Before Coach’s Corner starts each player must take a wild guess at what his suit will look like this week. Whichever player is closest gets to assign 5 drinks to other players.


Players will drink for all of the ridiculous things Don Cherry does or says. As well as finishing their drink if he chose to wear a ridiculous hat.


Don Cherry Drinking Game Rules

Drink every time

  • Don plays piano on his desk
  • Don cuts off Ron Mcclean
  • Ron mentions how much time is left
  • Don begins to ramble about something minor in the game
  • Don mentions how things used to work back in his day
  • Ron Mcclean corrects Don Cherry
  • Don gives a thumbs up
  • Don calls something a “beauty”
  • Anyone on screen mentions Don Cherry’s wardrobe
  • Don fawns over the Bruins
  • Don mispronounces a player’s name


Drink 3 times if

  • Don mentions the troops
  • Don has a message for the kids


Finish your drink if

  • Don Cherry is also wearing a hat with his suit


This drinking game can be quite a lot of drinking. Fans of the segment will know just how often Don does all of these things. Luckily most of the time he doesn’t get a hat to go with his suit so that won’t necessarily come up. So if you need a drink as bad as Ron Mclean then the Don Cherry drinking game should be the perfect answer.