Doin’ the Most – A Party Game for Creative People

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DTM is a slang based drinking party game where players are rewarded for their creativity. Where the winner of each round is the player who comes up with the most hilarious answer, and anyone who passes takes a drink.

What is Doin the Most?

Doin the Most is a card game that’s all about coming up with hilarious answers to the prompts and impressing the judge. Plus there’s some fun drinking cards mixed in the deck to keep those creative juices flowing.

The game comes with three unique decks of cards as well as a dice to randomize which one you’ll be drawing from. Each turn one player is the “Shot Caller” who acts as the judge for the round. Everyone else must compete for their amusement like a group of deranged drunken jesters. First player to win five rounds wins the game. The different card decks represent different types of challenges for the players to compete at.

3 types of cards

Drama Queen Cards

The Drama Queen cards are all about acting and being expressive. Cards have prompts like “Impress the judge with a useless talent” or “play sharades with the secret word being horny toad”. For these cards you want to be as dramatic as possible to try and get the judge on your side.

Extra AF Cards

The Extra AF cards are for the truly brave. These cards can be anything from sharing embarrassing stories to acting out some crazy sex acts and everything in between. These cards are not meant for the shy.

Big Mouth Cards

The Big Mouth cards are pretty straight forward. The cards come with a bonkers saying on them like “The Gargling Transformer” or “The Chocolatier’s Guillotine” and the players have to come up with wacky descriptions of what these terms might mean. These cards favor the creative minds.

Doin the Most Review

Additional Shot Cards

Also included randomly in every deck are a number of shot cards to make sure that players are keeping the drinks coming. These usually come in the form of challenges like twerking for 30 seconds while drinking, or the loser of an arm wrestle taking a shot.

Doin the Most Review

Immediately upon receiving this game I was worried it was going to be another “Kings” like game. Boy was I wrong. Doin the Most is one of the most creative games we’ve played in ages. From the wacky drinking challenges to the hilarious Big Mouth sayings, it’s clear the creators of DTM put a lot of thought into each card.

What I will say is DTM makes a better drunk game than a drinking game. What I mean by that is that since some of the cards can be so outlandish, you’ll probably want a few bevvies in you before you open up the box. Although the game does state that if you pass your turn you need to take a drink, so if you eventually everyone gets drunk enough to attempt start impersonating horny zoo animals or twerking to exhaustion. I’d suggest bringing this game out a few hours into the night when everyone is already loosened up, and then let the good times roll.

Doin the Most is a ton of fun packed into a small package. A great game to play with larger crowds where everyone is drinking and having a good time.