Dictator Drinking Game

The Dictator drinking game is a game where one player basically gets to make all the rules. It’s a very simple game where players are dealt cards and the dictator decides which type of cards cause people to give or take drinks.

What You’ll Need

A deck of cards and some drinks

Dictator Drinking Game Rules

Deciding Who Gets To Be The Dictator

Each round a new dictator is chosen. Every round each player draws a card and the highest card gets to be the dictator for that round. Ace is low. Redraw for ties.

How to Play

After the dictator is chosen he or she needs to decide what type of cards make people drink. This can be anything such as “cards above 7”, “spades”, “face cards”, etc…

Then deal the deck out to each player. For every card someone has that meet that condition they must take a sip. Except if the dictator gets any of those cards he or she gets to give out drinks instead.

At the end of each round the dictator can choose to add in a new game rule, and anyone who breaks this rule takes a sip. Then a new dictator is chosen and the game starts all over again.


The dictator drinking game works best with around 6-10 players. It’s very simple and easy to understand. Although it’s easily to get drunk with power and try to give out as many sips as possible, but beware that might make the next dictator angry and target you with all their drinks. Please make sure to drink responsibly and arrange a safe ride home. Cheers.