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Dice With Death Drinking Game Rules

Dice with Death is a drinking game that has one player acting as death and making everyone else drink until they can beat his roll.

What You’ll Need To Play

A good amount of booze and a handful of six sided dice. You could technically play with one die but it’s a bit easier to keep track if everyone has their own. This game works best with 4-8 players.

Dice With Death Drinking Game Rules

Each player must go around the table rolling a single die until someone rolls a 6. They get to be Death for the start of the game. Each round has 2 phases.

Phase 1

The first thing that happens is Death rolls a die in the center of the table. Next in turn everyone else will roll a die.

If someone rolls less then death they must finish their drink. If rolled more than death they are safe and nothing happens. Those that rolled the same number as death must now go on to the next phase. (if nobody did skip this round and redo the first phase until there’s ties with death).

Phase 2

Now the only players that should remain is death and those that rolled the same number as him. Death now gets to roll a die twice and combine the total of the numbers. Next every player who got the same number rolls and adds the total together. If deaths total is highest everyone but death that rolled must take a shot. However if the other players have the higher total then death needs to take a shot and whichever of them rolled the highest gets to be death for the next round.


This game continues as long as you feel the will to keep playing. Dice with Death is pretty easy once you get the hang of it. If it starts to get repetitive feel free to add in some extra rules for specific rolls.