Dexter Drinking Game

Dexter Drinking Game -

Dexter seems like an ordinary dude; forensic technician, brother, and all around good guy. That is until you realize that he is mentally deranged and murders people in his off time. Possessed by what he refers to as his “dark passenger” he must periodically kill in order to calm it’s influence over him. Not being a terrible person himself Dexter decides to curb his homicidal tendencies by only murdering those he deems evil. Follow along on this morally ambiguous journey as Dexter does his best not to get caught by the very people he works for.


The TV series Dexter and drinks.


Players will drink as Dexter goes about his daily life as a forensic technician and serial murderer. Players will also finish their drinks whenever someone becomes aware of the fact that Dexter is murdering people. During scenes in which Dexter monologues to people he is about to kill players will have to chug their drinks.

Dexter Drinking Game Rules:

Drink one whenever:

  • Dexter talks about his “dark passenger”.
  • Someone is murdered.
  • Any science related to homicide is talked about.
  • Dexter lies to anyone.
  • A sense of justice is mentioned, regardless of how twisted it may be.

Finish your drink whenever:

  • Any important character becomes aware that Dexter is in fact a serial murderer.

Additional rule:

Murder Monologue:

Typically just before Dexter murders his victims he will talk to them about their wrongdoings. Chug your drink for as long as Dexter continues his self righteous monologue.


The Dexter Drinking Game has very simple and easy to follow rules. Basically whenever anything related to killing or murder occurs or is talked about players will drink. Also whenever Dexter monologues at his victims players will have to chug their drinks. Finishing your drinks for someone finding out about his true nature won’t happen all too often, maybe once a season. Every time it occurs it is essentially a huge plot point in the story or an otherwise unexpected plot twist. Grab a few cold ones as Dexter does his best to hide his cold, dead heart.