Deutsche Erotica Drinking Game

German Vocal Drinking Game

Don’t ask why there’s a drinking game named after German porn; we don’t know either. The Deutsche Erotica drinking game is a vocal drinking game where players go around in a circle doing certain actions and trying not to mess it up. This game works with anywhere from 4-10 players.

What You’ll Need

Your beautiful voice and some beers, that’s about it.

Deutsche Erotica Drinking Game Rules

To kick this game off someone needs to moan “Oooohh” while making a fisting motion with their right hand. Then the next player clockwise can do any of the following actions:

  1. Moaning “Oooh” while making a fisting motion. This passes play to the next player.
  2. Crossing both their arms over their chest and saying “Das ist good, Yah?”. This switches the direction of play.
  3. Standing up with both arms raised and proudly proclaiming “Up de Pooper!”. This skips the next player.

This continues as long as players can keep it up. Everyone has the same 3 options and must only do any of them when it’s supposed to be their turn. As you may of guessed, this game has a tendency to get louder and more ridiculous as the night goes on.

Anytime anyone messes it up by doing the wrong actions or speaking out of turn they lose the game. They must consume their drink for 5 whole seconds and then they are in charge of starting up the next round.


The Deutche Erotica drinking game is one of the raunchier drinking games out there, not recommended for you next visit to Grassmutter’s house. As with any games that involve consuming alcohol please do so at your own risk. Make sure to drink responsibly and take a break if you think you need one.