Departures Drinking Game

The show departures follows Scott and Justin as they explore the most remote and interesting corners of the world. Regardless which episode you choose this series is always interesting and has been a constant source of my desire to travel. This show is great because you can just jump into any episode and learn a whole lot about the culture of a particular country. Our Departures drinking game will have players for all the recurring themes in this show like Justin’s constant obsession with animals.


The television series Departures and a few drinks. The show is currently available on Netflix.


This game will have players drinking for all the recurring tropes within this travel documentary as well as finishing their drink when Andre makes an appearance on screen.

Departures Drinking Game Rules

  • Drink once every time
  • Justin talks to an animal
  • Anyone says the word “Beautiful”
  • Anyone takes a sip of alcohol
  • Justin or Scott try to teach someone an English word
  • There’s a panoramic shot of the landscape
  • Scott explains something to Justin
  • Anyone says the name of an animal
  • Scott narrates some kind of existential commentary about their travel
  • Justin makes a joke that nobody laughs at

Drink three times whenever

  • Justin or Scott mention their life back home.
  • They meet up with a friend in a country who’s going to show them around.
  • Someone eats something absolutely disgusting

Finish your drink whenever

  • Andre appears on screen


This Departures drinking game is great for anyone who loves travel documentaries. Most of the rules mentioned only come up a few times an episode with the exception with just how often they mention or talk to animals. The drink finishing rule will probably come up once every two or three episodes since Andre stays behind the camera for the most part. Either way please remember to air on the side of cautions and please drink responsibly.