December 2017 in review – 50+ drinking games that were added this December

Drunken Goats Drinking Game -

December was a big month for The Chuggernauts. We added a total of 60 drinking games this month which range from movies, animes, classic card games and even some submissions directly from our users. With Christmas in the rear view we tried to give our users as much Christmas content as they needed to make their holidays that much more festive.

As always if you have any great ideas you’d like to share or have anything you want us to make a drinking game for, be it a board game, movie, tv show, whatever. Feel free to contact us and let us know and we’ll be sure to get on it as soon as possible! So without further adieu here’s our highlights from December 2017.


Video Games

Fortnite Drinking Game

Fortnite Drinking Game -

This drinking game is for the Battle Royale mode for the game Fortnite. Basically players drink for their positioning and then they get to keep watching the game and drinking whenever the player they are watching die. It makes it extra interesting if you die early because who knows how many more deaths you’re going to have to drink for before the round is through.

Other Video Game Drinking Games

Card/Dice/Coin Games

Devil’s Dice

This card/dice game is a user submission by the user who goes by WintersWarmth. It’s a little more complex than most drinking card games so you may need to print out the rules. It’s a fantastically creative way to get your drink on and keeps itself more interesting than most other drinking games.

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TV Shows / Movies / Animes

Black Butler

Black Butler Drinking Game -

This game focuses on the smash hit Black Butler. Black butler follows Ciel Phantomhive and his demonic butler Sebastian as they do work for the queen of England. The drinking game will have players drinking to all the interesting quirks to the show.

Other TV Shows, Movies, Animes

… And many more


Christmas Games

The Christmas Prince Drinking Game

A Christmas Prince Drinking Game -

This game is for the Netflix original Christmas movie The Christmas Prince. If you haven’t seen it yet than grab a few drinks because you’re going to need em. It’s as typical and corny as a movie can get and that makes it the perfect drinking game movie.

Other Christmas Games


Board Games

The Tic Tac Toe Drinking Game

This Chuggernauts original takes a simple game of tic tac toe and adds a few rules to make it more interesting. It also involves quite a bit of drinking so be careful.

Other Drinking Board Games

Premium Games


Drink-A-Palooza -

This all in one board game is really all anyone can ask for in a drinking game. It combines quarters, beer pong, flip cup and many more classics into one great drinking board game.

Check it out on Amazon

Drunken Goats

Drunken Goats Drinking Game -

Drunken Goats has what a lot of premium board games lack. Simplicity. It’s a quick and easy board game that’ll get you drunk and have a great time doing it. What more could you want?

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For a complete list of all the great games we reviewed or made during December check out our archives page.