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How To Play The Debauchery Party Card Game

Debauchery Drinking Game review by The Chuggernauts

The Debauchery drinking game is a box full of outlandish dares and challenges. All in the name of drinking and having a good time. It’s as simple as opening up the pack of cards and watching your friends make fools of themselves.

How To Play

Just go around in a circle drawing cards and doing what they say. Simple. There’s no really way to tell when the game is finished so just keep flipping cards until you’re good and toasty.

Debauchery has a few different types of cards in it. Individual cards, Group cards and Voting cards.

Individual Cards

These cards target the player who drew them. Things like truth or dare, or naming as many beer brands as you can in ten seconds.

Group Cards

These are the cards that get everyone involved at the same time. Usually these cards single out people by saying things like “Drink if you’ve ever thrown up on someone”.

Vote Cards

These cards are not for people who are self conscious. Voting cards bring up a prompt like “Who’s most likely to get arrested tonight?” or “Who’s most likely to die alone?”. Then everyone takes turns voting on someone and the player with the most votes drinks in shame.

Debauchery Review

As many of these “flip and drink” style drinking games that there are already on the market, Debauchery stands out by having a lot of raunchy cards that are actually quite creative. From innocent things like acting out movie things to more dicey material like voting on which of your friends would be more likely to suck dick for heroin.

Debauchery Drinking Game (Toy)

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