Dear White People Drinking Game

The Dear White People Drinking Game - the chuggernauts

This Dear White People drinking game is for the Netflix series. Not to be confused with the movie of the same name. Although the series is true enough to the movie that most of these rules will cross over to the movie just fine. This series follows an array of characters, particularly Samantha White, who run a radio show and deal with the everyday nuances of growing up black in a mostly white school. This show pushes a lot of buttons and really tries to stir up some conversations about race in america, so why not grab a few drinks to lighten the mood?

This game works with any number of players.

What You’ll Need

Any given episode of Dear White People and some drinks. The show can be found on Netflix.

Dear White People Drinking Game Rules

Take a Sip of Your Drink Whenever

  • Anyone says “White” or “Black”
  • Anyone mentions racism
  • Anytime you spot a hashtag on screen or literally hear someone say the word “Hashtag”
  • Someone swears
  • Anyone receives an alert on their cellphone
  • Someone mentions a social media platform such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat etc…
  • You notice a parody of something that exists in real life
  • Anyone on screen takes a sip of something alcoholic

Take a Huge Chug of Your Drink Whenever

  • There’s a full on racial slur


Not going to lie, the Dear White People drinking game is a lot of drinkings. Mostly because of the fact that race isn’t only a common topic in the show, it’s almost the only topic that anyone talks about. Plus with the frequent swears and mentions of social media you have yourself a drinking game. So please if you do choose to play make sure to drink responsibly and take a break if you need one.