Dare or Dare Review

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Recently we got a chance to try out a new party game, Dare or Dare by Neil House Games. This wacky adult party game full of embarrassing situations and crazy dares.

The premise of the game is simple. Roll the die, draw a card from the corresponding deck and then decide if you want to do the dare that’s printed on the card. However, if you decide to chicken-out than another player can step in and attempt an even harder dare to steal the points.

How to Play Dare or Dare

The objective of Dare or Dare is to be the first player to get to 12 points. Each turn a player rolls the coloured die and then draws a card from the corresponding deck.

The drawn card will have two dares on it. The drawer reads the top card and then decides if they want to try the dare or not. If they do the dare they gain points, if they refuse they lose a life. The bottom of the card however must remain secret.

Green cards are worth 1 point, Yellow cards are worth 2 points and finally the dreaded Red cards are worth 3 points.

If the drawer refuses the top dare, then anyone else in the room can jump in and attempt the lower dare on the same card to earn two points.

Play continues clockwise until someone reaches 12 points. Additionally if anyone loses 3 lives they are eliminated.

Our House Rules

We came up with a few house drinking rules to spice the game up and add even more drinking. These are completely optional.

  1. Each turn the player rolls the six sided die. Whatever it lands on is what they would have to drink if they refuse a dare. (or the drinks they would give out if they complete the dare)
  2. If someone refuses a dare and a second player decides to challenge it by taking on the stronger dare, the drinks are now doubled.
  3. When a player is eliminated from losing all three lives they must pound back a full drink.

Dare or Dare Review

After a night of playtesting and drunken tom-foolery, we had a great time with Dare or Dare.

The game is best suited to a party with a wide variety of people. It’s a ton of fun and will put everyone in some ridiculous situations. We recommend setting up some house rules to make the game well suited to your particular group of friends.

This is a great party game for extroverts who are looking to spice up their night. We suggest going into this one after already having a few drinks, because a little inebriation is a great way to ensure people will attempt some of the crazier dares.