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D20 Drinking Game

D20 Drinking Game -
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Unlike most other drinking games in our dice drinking games section, the D20 drinking game requires at least one 20 sided die. These are commonly used in games like Magic the Gathering or Dungeons and Dragons. The goal of the game is for every player with a regular six sided die to put them together and score higher than the player with the 20 sided die. Generally this game works best with 5 people, 4 players with a 6 sided die and one player with a 20 sided die. If any more players want to join they can always take shifts.

D20 Drinking Game Rules

First things first. Players need to all take turns rolling the 20 sided die. Whoever rolled the highest will be the D20 roller. The game is played with two teams; the d20 roller and everyone else.

The D20 roller rolls the die and whatever number they get is their total.

Then the other 4 players roll a six sided die and total up all their rolls to be their total.

Whoever totals the least must drink the difference between their total and the opposing teams. For example if the four players totaled 16 and the d20 roller got 14, the d20 roller must drink twice. The 4 player team may split their drinks among them.

If the d20 roller loses, he must stay as the d20 roller next round. This continues until they win and get the higher total in a round than the other players.

If the d20 roller wins they get to choose who will be the next d20 roller.

If the d20 roller rolls a 20, every other player automatically loses and must drink exactly what their die roll is.

If the d20 roller rolls a 1, they automatically lose. They must reroll and drink whatever the roll is. If it’s another 1 they have to shotgun a beer.


One the d20 roller rolls his die he can call “Reshoot”. He gets to re roll the die but must accept the new number. The downside to this is now every other roller can do the same and choose to reshoot or not after their first die roll.


The d20 drinking game can either be pretty mild or pretty intense. Depending how long someone gets stuck being the d20 roller. So please make sure to drink responsibly.