A Frustratingly Fun Cuphead Drinking Game!

For those that have never played it Cuphead is known for it’s unforgiving difficulty. As such we kept the drinking rules to our Cuphead drinking game pretty light so that you don’t end up too sloshed to play the game. However we did include some “Expert” rules for those who are so confident in their abilities that they think they can play the game without their fine motor skills.

What You’ll Need To Play

The game itself on any platform and some drinks. This is a 2 player drinking game although it can work with more as long as people take turns.

Cuphead Drinking Game Rules

We separated this game into 3 difficulties to choose from. Try to pick the difficulty that best suits the skill of the players and the amount of drinking they want to do. Players can mix and match drinking and game difficulty such as using the Simple drinking rules with the Regular in-game difficulty.

Simple Mode (Easy)

  • Drink whenever you die. This can happen multiple times if you get revived.
  • At the end of a match drink 1 extra if you get less far than you did the last time you played that stage.

Regular Mode (Normal)

  • Whenever you die drink for as long as you are a ghost and floating out of the screen.
  • At the end of a match drink for every flag you didn’t get on the progress bar.

Expert Mode (Hard)

  • Drink every time you get hit.
  • Drink whenever an opportunity to parry is missed.

We suggest players starting the Cuphead drinking game with the Simple mode and move up if that’s too easy. Depending on how well the players do you might want to swap out and take breaks. It’s important to drink responsibly and not overdo it, no matter how much you want to be the one to complete that stage.